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Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Posture and Pelvic Pain:
"Hillary takes the time to determine the cause of misalignments in the body, and through her treatments, she assists the body in correcting itself.  I highly recommend Hillary to any person who wants to improve their posture, increase their range of movement, and decrease their back pain. Thanks to Hillary's gentle osteopathic treatments, my tailbone pain which started during my first pregnancy has stopped, my left hip no longer aches when I go running, and my posture has improved dramatically."
~Natalie N.

Overall Misalignment:
"Hillary's diagnostic abilities transcend the textbook with an uncanny combination of education and intuition. With her observation of movement and my description of symptoms, she was able to identify the root source of the problem and heal my misalignments, providing relief in other, what I thought, unrelated areas, specifically breathing congestion. In a traditional medical environment, I would be subjected to tests and perhaps medication as the solution. I have concluded that her treatment is an essential part of my personal health program."
~James R. Weber

Hip Injury:
"I highly recommend Hillary for her exemplary knowledge and skill, and her pleasant, professional and caring manner. After suffering through 4 months severe pain and bi-weekly physiotherapy sessions after a fall from a ladder, I had experienced only minor relief.  I was completely disheartened.  I can honestly testify that after Hillary performed just two treatments, I felt more relief than I had in 4 months of physiotherapy.  On our first meeting, Hillary listened as I described my symptoms and then she made her own assessment.  She explained ( in a way I was fully able to understand) the treatment she planned.   I somehow felt comfortable and confident in Hillary, immediately, and I just knew by her approach to my first treatment that she was on the right track.  During my physiotherapy, only the areas of my body that were painful were treated.  Thanks to her knowledge and skill in the practise of Osteopathy, Hillary has gently and effectively manipulated my body so that I am now aligned and balanced and virtually pain free.  I have experienced great improvement in relatively very little time!  Hillary's treatments have been gentle, relaxing and effective with no post-treatment discomfort.  I will definitely be asking for a stack of Hillary's business cards to gladly share with anyone experiencing body pain.  I feel blessed as I never dreamed I would ever return to normalcy, but I have, and I want to extend a heart-felt thank to Hillary."
~B. Fansher

Chronic Pain:
"After suffering for years with debilitating back and arm pain, Hillary's gentle yet persuasive treatments have made an incredible difference by both mitigating pain and restoring function.  I think her treatments are so successful because she really listens to both the patient and the patient's body in order to arrive at the optimal treatment plan. Her treatments address both long standing issues and acute flare ups or injuries with the goal of restoring natural and pain free function and movement and promoting overall health."

Improved Health:
"I have known Hillary for three years. To say it in the simplest of terms, your life can only improve by knowing this professional and incredibly knowledgeable lady! She has this amazing talent of knowing the body, inside out and backwards and knowing what it needs to find balance and healing. She has this thirst for knowledge that is only paralleled by her drive to be the best that she can at what she does. She is organized yet sensitive to the needs of her clients.  I could go on but will wrap it up by saying that I feel lucky to know her because my health has improved in so many ways since I came to her for help!!"
~Renee Billiau

Freer Movement:
"Hillary is an amazing osteopathic student. She's been working on me since she began studying and I've seen improvements in some chronic structural issues that I've had for many years. Overall I feel better aligned, can move easier, and don't get as 'locked up' as I used to. I even feel better aligned to be able to handle the workouts that I do regularly and know that the workouts and treatments help, not hinder, each other. Hillary's knowledge of anatomy and osteopathic practices is outstanding, and I've seen her skill and technique increase as she continues studying to further her practice. Treatment time feels better than a massage! I look forward to my treatment times as a relaxing escape, one that leaves me in better shape than before!"
~Meaghan Demeester

Back Injury:
"For the last 19 years, I have struggled with a back injury that was further complicated by existing scoliosis.  The injury caused a wedging of my spinal disks at the point of impact and through the years caused my spine to spiral inward.  I have tried chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists through the years and have received temporary relief from their efforts, but this last summer of 2014 I was in extreme pain and had great difficulty even turning myself over in bed.  This went on for a few weeks and I finally decided to try Osteopathy with Hillary.  Within 2 days of her treatment I was feeling no pain at all and I honestly couldn't believe it.  While some pain has returned with my activity level, Hillary has managed to manipulate my structure to the point where I never feel that severe pain anymore and my overall level of discomfort is greatly reduced.  Prior to her treatment, I had just accepted that the pain from my injury would continue for the rest of my life. As Hillary continues to work on my structure, I anticipate further improved sleep and completely pain free mobility.  Thank God!"
~Karen Mahood

Chronic Hip Pain:
"Hillary is a natural healer and has found her method through Osteopathy. I have been a client for some time, which has been to my great benefit. One example has been a chronic hip flexor issue - a sports related injury from marathon running. I went to the usual practitioners (message therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, ART etc.), who addressed my symptoms and provided temporary relief. The issue persisted for over two years without consistent improvement. When I started Manual Therapy with Hillary, she addressed the root imbalance, and I finally found stable relief and the ability to continue with the sport that I love!"
~Steve Hall

Neck Pain and Bladder Control:
"I have experienced bladder control issues for several years. I even had surgery, which has helped somewhat, but not with the sudden urges. Since starting Manual Therapy treatment with Hillary, I have noticed marked improvement - fewer accidents, and better control.

I have also had stiffness and neck pain for many years. Hillary successfully addressed this problem - the pain is gone, and I sleep better!"
~Jackie Mitchell

Improved Physical Well-being:
"I would recommend Hillary as an effective practitioner in the field of manual manipulation. She is a committed and focused professional with a great work ethic. She has made a noticeable and positive difference in my physical wellbeing. In receiving significant benefit from her treatments I intend on incorporating this form of manual therapy into my health care regime."
~Ben K.